Senseless acts of crime
Taking the lives of the innocent
Shooting at the drop of a dime
My heart aches

These acts are extremely sickening
Leaving loving families to grieve
Heartless deeds are swiftly thickening
My heart cries

Horrendous heinous slaughter
There’s no reason to kill someone’s son
Someone’s daughter
My heart is full of anger

You took the life of your own mother
What in the world possessed you to
You left to grieve your only brother
My hearts goes out to him

So many questions
These poor babies didn’t deserve to die
And then you took your own life
Your heart must’ve been full of envy and strife
My heart is struggling to forgive

You plotted, you scheme and didn’t care about any one
I believe you were a coward behind that gun
For those families destroyed
My heart prays

We most certainly need God in times like these
They should’ve never taken prayer out of schools
Every man, woman, boy and girl should always be on their knees
In prayer
My heart prays and is crying out to God

I pray for comfort for the familes
May they find peace
In the midst of these tragedies
This is so hard to comprehend
I wish we could go back to yesterday
And rewrite the scipt
Where the kids would be at play
And the killer would weigh
The cost of his consequences
No one should want to burn in hell

~ Lady Breezee

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